Please be advised that searching by RE# aka Folio Number or Parcel ID will ensure more complete search results than searching by address. If you do not have a RE#, please visit the Monroe County Property Appraiser's website at to identify the RE#/Parcel ID.

Note: For VIOLATIONS for unlicensed contractor / contractor violations use PERMITS search page and search by selecting Permit Type=VIOLATION/CEB MATTER. Additionally, the RE is entered as the name of the violator.

Download Instructions

Monroe County FL Code Compliance - Official Website Link


All code cases begin with CE. Example: CE18040026
Example: 12345678901234 - Do not use a dash or period
Do NOT enter Street Direction (E,W,N,S) or Street Suffix (St., Ave., Blvd.,etc). A list of potential matches will be displayed. It is advised to search by RE# rather than address in order to assure more complete search results.